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Government Of Assam Baksa District

District Elementary Education

  1. Name of Office                                         : District Elementary Education ,Officer cum                                                                    

                                                                         :  District Mission  Co-ordinator ,    cum

                                                                         :Inspector of schools , Baksa


  1.  Office location and address                   : Baksa District Centre,   Mushalpur.


  1. Officers' names and mobile numbers      : Bhaben Deury, AES-1, Mobile  No.- 9954389261.


Work Profile :

General Administration of   Schools to ensure quality  education are being provided to students. Ensure successful  implementation of govt schemes specially designed for  the benefit of students. And  and any other responsibility as and when desired by honourable Principal Secretary  of Education and BTC   administration 


  1. Drinking Water facility in 99.19 percentage of schools.
  2. Girls’ toilet facility in 88.04 percentage of schools.
  3. Providing MID DAY MEAL in 1983 schools.
  4. Online awareness on covid 19.
  5. Online classes for the students during covid 19.
  6. 100 % secondary schools with electricity

      Current scheme:

  2. Kasturba Gandhi Valika Vidyalay.

      Miscellaneous activities :

  1. Online awareness on covid 19.
  2. Online classes for the students during covid 19.


District Elementary Education Officer cum