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Government Of Assam Baksa District





As a result of the historic BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) accord signed on February 10th, 2003, BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District) was formed with four districts namely Baksa, Chirang, Kokrajhar and Udalguri. Baksa district was carved out of Nalbari, Barpeta, Kamrup and a small portion of Darrang district.


Baksa district is located in the north-western part of Assam with the district headquarter at Mushalpur, which is 105 Km away from state capital Dispur, Guwahati and 20 Km away from National Highway no.31 towards north. The main mode of connectivity with the district is by Road. The district headquarter is linked to the National Highway 31 mainly at two junction points namely Barama and Kadamtola. It shares its border with Tamulpur district in the east, Barpeta, Nalbari and Kamrup districts in the south and Chirang district in the west. The district also shares the privilege of having International Boundary with Bhutan in the North. The gentle and gradual slopes can be seen stretching from the foot hills of Bhutan and reaching out to the southern tips of Barpeta, Nalbari and Kamrup district.



The vegetation of the district is characterized mainly by lush green forest and varieties of flora and fauna with a mixed topography of plains and foothills. The world famous Manas National Park stands out as the glaring example of the bio-diversified feature of the district.



The climate of the district is sub-tropical in nature with warm and humid summer followed by cool and dry winter. The average rainfall of the district is found to be 76 mm in the recent years.


The Baksa district is inhabited by both Bodo community i.e Bodo-Kachari (including Sarania-Kachari, Madahi etc), and Non-Bodo community i.e Koch-Rajbonshi, Adivasi (Tea Tribe), Nepali, Bengali and other religious minorities.



1. Geographical area

2400 Sq. Km (Approx)

2. Population

9.53773 Lakhs    (as per 2011 census)

3. Sub-Divisions

1. Mushalpur (Sadar)

2. Salbari(Civil)

4. Revenue Circles

1. Baska (Sadar)

2. Barama

3. Baganpara

4. Jalah

5. Development Blocks

1. Baska Dev. Block

2. Tihu-Barama Dev. Block

3. Gobardhana Dev. Block

4. Jalah Dev. Block

5. Dhamdhama Dev. Block

6. Education Blocks (Ele.)

1. Baska

2. Jalah

3. Tihu- Barama

4. Gobardhana

7. Health Blocks

1. Mushalpur BPHC

2. Barama BPHC

3. Jalah BPHC

4. Golagaon BPHC

8. Total Police Stations

1. Mushalpur (HQ)

2. Barbari PS

3. Barama PS

4. Salbari PS

5. Simla PS

6. Gobardhana PS

9. Total Out Posts

1. Baganpara Out Post

2. Nikashi Out Post

3. Doomni Out Post

4. Athiabari Out Post

5. Anandabazar Out Post

6. Dalbari Out Post

10. Total Patrol Posts

1. Jalah Patrol Post

2. Barbari Patrol Post

3. Simlaguri Patrol Post

4. Labdangguri Patrol Post

11. No. of Villages


12. No. of Tea Gardens

1. Doomni

2. Fatemabad

13. No. of BTC Constituencies


14. No. of LAC(major part)

1. 62- Barama LAC

2. 63- Chapaguri LAC




By Road Connectivity:

There are number of bus services and small car services (Winger, Cruiser etc.) from Adabari and Basistha Chariali, Guwahati via NH31 touching two connection points to district head quarter (one at Barama, another at Kadamtola). Distance between Guwahati and Barama via NH31 is about 75 Km and Guwahati and Kadamtola via NH31 is about 80 Km.

i) From Adabari Bus Terminal, Guwahati there is direct bus service to Mushalpur(HQ). Distance is about 100 Km.

ii)From Adabari Bus Terminal, Guwahati there is direct bus service to Salbari Sub-Div HQ. Distance is about 160 Km.


By Railway Connectivity:
The district does not have any railway station. However the nearest railway station is Tihu which falls under Nalbari district (Distance 35 Km from District HQ). The distance of Nalbari railway station from district HQ is about 45 Km and Distance of Pathsala railway station (Barpeta district) is about 50 Km.
The distance of Guwahati railway station to district HQ by road (via NH 31) is about 105 Km.


By Air Connectivity:

The nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Borjhar, Kamrup(M) which is about 130 Km from the District HQ.


Entry and Exit points to different areas of Baksa district touching NH31 towards north

1) Nalbari (NH31)(Ganesh Mandir) --> Baganpara --> Nayabasti --> Subankhata --> Uttarkuchi
2) Barama (NH31) --> Barimakha --> Barbari --> Pakhamara (proposed National Highway)
3) Barama (NH31) --> Geruapara --> Bhalukdonga --> Adalbari --> Mushalpur(Dist. HQ) --> Nikashi
4) Kadamtola (NH31) --> Bhalukdonga --> Adalbari --> Barimukh --> Mushalpur(HQ) --> Nikashi
5) Tihu Chowk (NH31) --> Athiabari --> Thamna --> Charaimari --> Doomni
6) Patacharkuchi (NH31) --> Jalah --> Anchali --> Simla --> Daodhara --> Nganglam(Bhutan)
7) Pathsala (NH31) --> Anchali --> Simla --> Daodhara --> Nganglam(Bhutan) (NH 152)
8) Bhabanipur (NH31) --> Saudarbhita --> Salbari --> Rupahi
9) Barpeta Road (NH31) --> Gobardhana --> Basbari --> Manas National Park --> Mathanguri

10) Barpeta Road (NH31) --> Doomni Bridge --> Labdanguri




Baksa district has massive potential for development of tourism. The world famous Manas National Park falls under Baksa district. The main places of tourist interest in the district are as follows:-


          1) Manas National Park

          2) Manas Soushi Khongkhor

          3) Moina Pukhuri

          4) Daragaon Picnic Spot


1) MANAS NATIONAL PARK & TIGER PROJECTLocated at the western part of the district in the foothills of Bhutan, it is a place of great tourist attraction-both national as well as international. There are about 60 species of mammals, 312 birds, 42 reptiles, 7 amphibian, 54 fishes and more than 100 species of insects. The most abundantly found animals are Tiger, Leopard, Golden Langur, Pigmie Hog, Dhanesh Pakhi, Wild Buffalo, Bison, Python, Wild Cat, Elephant, Hyena, Fox etc. The river Manas flows through the National Park. River rafting facility is newly introduced for the tourists. Both govt. and private lodging and food facility is available.

     Nearest Railway station: Barpeta Road

     Connection through motorway: Barpeta Road - Bansbari forest range (Distance about 15 Kms)


2) MANAS SOUSHI KHONGKHOR: An eco-tourism spot located in the middle of Baksa district on the mouth of river Pagladia. Enshrined with natural beauty just adjacent with Bhutan hills, it attracts a large number of picnic goers in the month of December and January. It is new well maintained and looked after by an NGO known as Manas Soushi Khongkhor Eco Tourism Society (MASKETS). Some endangered wild animals such as Bison, Deer, Hogg Deer, White Belly Heron, Royal Bengal Tiger etc. are found here. Food and Guest House facility is provided by the volunteers of MASKETS if needed.

     Nearest Railway station: Nalbari

     Connection through motorway: i) Mushalpur-Nikashi-Subankhata-Chowki (Distance about 25 Kms)

                                                        ii) Nalbari-Baganpara-Nayabasti-Subankhata-Chowki (Distance about 55 Kms)


3) MOINAPUKHURI: It is located northwards of Mushalpur (District HQ) just adjacent to the India-Bhutan International boundary. It is the only trekking site in Baksa district. As the place is located in the hills, around 3 Kms from the plains, there are no motorways. One has to walk through the difficult rugged tapped treks to reach there. Main attractions of the place are a lake, a picnic spot, and place of worship for Hindu religious communities etc. along with dense jungle.

     Nearest Railway station: Tihu

     Connection through motorway: Kadamtal (NH 31) - Mushalpur- Nikashi-Moinapukhuri (Distance about 30 Kms) 


4) DARAGAON PICNIC SPOT: Located near the foothills of Bhutan towards the north of the district HQ, Daragaon is a scenic location for nature lovers and a perfect spot for picnic goers. Approximately a  15km ride from the district headquarters of Mushalpur, the area is surrounded by lush green hills and a gushing stream with beautiful skies and fluffy clouds to stare at. The area falls under Dihira Reserve forest of Baksa where river Diring is the main attraction of the picnic spot.


     Nearest Railway station: Tihu

     Connection through motorway: Kadamtal (NH 31) - Mushalpur- Nikashi-Darragaon (Distance about 45 Kms)