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Government Of Assam Baksa District

Places of Tourist Interest



Baksa district has enough potential for tourism development. After creation of the district, the world famous Manas National Park is now fall under Baksa district. The main places of tourist interest in the district are as follows:-

          1) Manas National Park
          2) Manas Soushi Khongkhor
          3) Moina Pukhuri
          4) Bogamati

          5) Daragaon 

          6) Tea Tourism 

1) Manas National Park & Tiger Project: Manas National Park and Tiger Project located at the western side of the district at the foothills of Bhutan is a place of great tourist attraction-National as well as International. There are as many as 60 species of mammals, 312 birds, 42 reptiles, 7 amphibian, 54 fishes and more than 100 species of insects. The most abundantly found animals are Tiger, Leopard, Golden Langur, Pigmie Hog, Dhanesh Pakhi, Wild Buffalo, Bison, Python, Wild Cat, Elephant, Hyena, Fox etc. The river Manas flow through the National Park. River Crafting facility is newly introduced for the tourists. Both Govt. and Private Lodging and Food facility is available.

     Nearest Railway station: Barpeta Road
     Connection through motorway : Barpeta Road - Bansbari forest range (Distance about 15 Kms)

2) Manas Soushi Khongkhor: An eco-tourism spot located on the middle part of the Baksa district on the mouth of river Pagladia. Enshrined with natural beauty just adjacent with Bhutan hills, it attracts a large number of picnic goers in the month of December and January. It is new well maintained and looked after by an NGO known as Manas Soushi Khongkhor Eco Tourism Society (MASKETS). Some endangerd wild animals are found there such as Bison, Deer, Hogg Deer, White Belly Heron, Royal Bengal Tiger etc. Food and Guest House facility is provided by the volunteers of MASKETS if needed.

     Nearest Railway station: Nalbari
     Connection through motorway : i) Mushalpur-Nikashi-Subankhata-Chowki(Distance about 25 Kms)
                                                        ii) Nalbari-Baganpara-Nayabasti-Subankhata-Chowki(Distance about 55 Kms)

3) Moinapukhuri: Moinapukhuri is located northwards of Mushalpur (District HQ) just adjacent to the International India-Bhutan boundary. It is in religious side. It is the only trekking site in Baksa district. As the place is located in the hills, around 3 Kms from the plains and there is no motorways, one have to walk through the difficult rugged tepped trekks to reach there. The motorable way ends near about 3 Kms before. Main attractions are dead lake, a picnic spot, place for puja for various Hindu religious communities etc. along with dense jungle.

     Nearest Railway station: Tihu
     Connection through motorway : Kadamtal(in NH 31) - Mushalpur- Nikashi-Moinapukhuri (Distance about 30 Kms)

4) Bogamati: A popular beautiful spot on the mouth of river "Barnadi" on the foothills of Bhutan, it attracts a large number of picnic parties during new year and Magh Bihu. Far flung river sands and rocks in the month of December and January works as open air restaurant for the picnic goers.     

      Nearesr Railway station: Goreswar (temporarily not in service)

     Connection through motorway : i) Baihata Chariali - Goreswar- Bogamati (Distance about 40 Kms)
                                                        ii) Rangia-Goreswar-Bogamati(Distance about 45 Kms)

5) Daragaon: Daragaon is a picnic spot surrounded by lush green hills, a gushing stream and beautiful skies with fluffy clouds to stare on the area  falls under Dihira Reserved Forest of Baksa, here river Diring is the main attraction of the picnic spot. Thousands of picnickers visit this areas drawn to its natural scenic beauty.It is famous for  trekking.


6) Tea Tourism : There are four Tea Gardens accros three sub division of Baksa District namely. 

1. Doomni- Tea State 

2. Menoka -Tea State 

3. Nagrijulie -Tea State

4. Fatemabad- Tea State